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    Startups [Shark Tank] Showcase DEMO+Pitch & MIXER!
    4-18-14 6:00 pm
    SV App Developers

    We are searching for the next "great startup"  is that you? 1) Please RSVP at Startups Showcase, meetup page at:! 2) Get your tickets now before the price goes up!  Demo +...

    Screenplay Workshop: Let's Watch A Movie!
    4-18-14 6:30 pm - WBT Productions
    Movie Makers Unite!

    Let's watch a movie and study it as a screenplay. We'll play the film and pause it frequently to study the structure of the film. From the introduction of the characters and how we learn about them, to the flow of the three act structure, we'll look...

    Haxe Meetup @ TiVo: Pizza, Demos, Haxe Chat
    4-18-14 6:30 pm - TiVo Inc.
    Bay Area Haxe User Group

    There has not been a lot of activity on this meetup in a while, it would be nice to get together soon... what do you think?...